The Digital Landscape Of College Search

What parents may remember about the ‘traditional’ college search process that they might have endured in their young adulthood has evolved in many ways. Their children will no longer receive hand-out pamphlets detailing curriculum or degree programs. Instead, their children will receive e-mails from each of the colleges they’re interested in, detailing more about the school than physical literature ever could have for their parents. Beyond just the fact that this is the more effective way of sharing information, colleges understand that the current generation of students has been impacted by digital culture perhaps more than any other generation of aspiring students in the past. As this has become clearer, more and more college marketers, recruiters and other professionals are dedicating their recruitment efforts into primarily digital offerings in hopes of creating a more meaningful connection with these students. This is no shot in the dark, though. All of this effort is a result of the extensive research done by these institutions, which in turn provides actionable changes that can be made to marketing and communication strategies meant for these aspiring students. This research continues, as it’s impossible to say that the next generation of students will be just as easily influenced as the current generation with the recruitment processes at hand. To learn more about the ever-shifting digital landscape of college search, take a moment to review the resource supported alongside this post.

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