What Features to Look for in an International School

There are various ways to find information about an international school in your city or local community. One of the best ways is to schedule a guided tour and speak to representatives of the school in person. Choosing a school for your child can sometimes be a challenge, but if you look for these features you’re sure to find a reputable institute of learning.

Green Environment

There are some great international schools in Bangkok, and if you do enough research you should easily find them. Some schools, such as Raintree International School have been designed with the environment in mind. They are purposely built to promote sustainability and teach students about the importance of our interaction with the environment. Exploring and understanding the natural world is an essential part of learning, and what better way to do that then enrolling your kid in a school which understands the merits of sustainable design. Kids should never be stuck in a classroom; they should be exposed to nature and natural light.

Some of the top international schools have unique facilities that promote sustainability.

  • Organic Farming Areas
  • Interactive Tree House
  • Cooking Studio
  • Sensory Studio

First Class Teaching Staff

In addition to having a good environment, your kids should be exposed to qualified teachers. Everyone loves an attractive campus, but facilities mean nothing if you don’t have the right personnel in place to run the school. You can find out more about international schools by checking their websites and reading about the teachers and what qualifications they hold.

Don’t base your decision off their website, when you book a school tour, make sure you get to speak to the teachers and ask them questions. You can learn a lot about an international school by visiting their premises and speaking to the staff.

Facility Usage

We all know that facilities are an important part of an international school, but having fancy facilities such as expansive playing fields, swimming pools and cooking rooms are no good unless the students get to use them. You should always look beyond the surface, as sometimes it can all be a façade just to get parents to pay the fees. The best way to find out is to speak to others who have already been to the school and find out about their programmes.


When your kid starts a new school, you’ll understandably have concerns and questions that must be addressed. A good international school will provide outstanding communication with parents and keep them informed about everything going on in the school. They’ll allow access to teachers and they’ll promptly respond to requests. A reputable school will welcome and value communication with all students parents.

This article has highlighted some of the main features you should look for when choosing an international school. As a parent, you should also think about things such as the cost, admissions process and additional programmes. Make sure to keep your options open and do plenty of research on each potential school before you decide on the best one for your child.