How does your child benefit from a STEM subscription kit?

Learning STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) teaches children to explore these subjects in a fun, fascinating and useful way. STEM subjects are known to lead to important careers in today’s world, hence getting an early start with them can steer your child towards a brighter future.

So what are STEM kits?

STEM kits are amazing tools based on real-world applications that supplement formal learning. They are interdisciplinary and interactive and, children learn the subjects cohesively. Science kits for kids have all the material needed to create a practical application or a new invention. They are engaging and amusing. While your child has fun, he is also learning concepts from the world of science.

How does your child benefit from a STEM kit?

Learning becomes exciting

Every child is born with an eagerness to learn. You will remember that when your child was a toddler, the questions were never-ending. It was always “Why?”. But as they grow older, most children tend to get distracted from the questioning and learning process with distractions like TVs, tablets, and gaming devices.

 STEM kits bring back the excitement and spark those interests again. How can an astronaut move around on Mars? What should I do if I’m lost in a jungle and need clean water to drink? Your child will discover the answers to these questions and more by working it out himself. They feed his interest and give him the confidence to ask and learn more.

STEM kits aid in cognitive development 

When you want your body to stay strong, you play outdoor games, cycle, jog or work out at the gym. You know that if you don’t use your muscles they grow weak and your body loses shape. The brain works similarly. It needs to be exercised and stimulated to stay sharp. STEM kits help your child develop cognitive skills like problem-solving, decision making, remembering and deep thinking. These skills keep the brain active and grow more brain ‘synapses,’ the tiny connections between the brain cells that help you learn more.

It takes away the fear of ‘difficult subjects’

Research has shown that many adults worldwide believe that STEM subjects are too hard for some children.  This notion is applied to children with an average learning capacity, particularly with girls. It means that children end up ‘afraid’ of subjects like science and math, thinking that they can be pursued only by some who are blessed with superior intelligence.  The truth of the matter is quite different. Studies have shown that children introduced to STEM learning at an early age develop confidence in themselves. When your child realizes that he can solve a science puzzle or build an engineering solution using a kids science experiment kit, he feels a sense of success and that the subject isn’t all that difficult after all.

It encourages learning through trial and error

Many children and adults fear STEM subjects because they need precise and perfect solutions. While that is true, it is equally true that successful solutions are obtained after some failures. STEM kits teach your child to think of solutions, all of which may not work. For example: trying to build a lantern out of ice makes your child learn about ice properties through trial and error. Using these kits, children learn that some failure is part of the secret to successfully doing a project or activity.

Keep your child happily engaged. Subscribe to a STEM kit today. You can find one that will suit your child’s age, interest and availability while fitting into your budget.