Are Online Classes an Effective Way of Teaching?

Online classes and e-learning is the future of education. This virtual way of teaching and learning is convenient for both teachers and students. When a child finds it challenging to understand a concept, they can record the sessions and watch them repeatedly. Also, teachers can make a note of the lessons taught and the pending ones. Also, these online classes are flexible and bring education right to your fingertips. Many kids in rural areas have got access to education benefits because of these online classes. Online classes also offer kids an opportunity to learn to use gadgets efficiently.

When kids are engaged in online classes, they can interact with their teachers and other students about the lessons and questions they have. Online classes for kids are convenient and improve a child’s decision making skills, problem solving skills, fine and gross motor skills. Moreover, these online classes are a great way to develop problem solving skills in little minds. Kids learn effectively when they are learning virtually. Also, platforms like BYJU’S are the best platforms for the kids to learn. BYJU’S is a leading ed-tech platform in India and offers a variety of learning experiences to kids. Here are some of the points that help you understand if online education is effective.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

When kids spend time in online classes, they start learning immediately. You can also engage the kids in online workbooks and learning games. You can also monitor your child’s progress and help them in the revision process. You can ask them to take a retest or revise the lessons they find difficult to understand. There are several advantages and disadvantages of these online classes. However, when you guide the kids about the optimal usage of gadgets, they certainly find it advantageous and enjoy their online learning classes. For instance, kids can write a Mahatma Gandhi essay in their online classes. Also, these online classes offer flexibility and convenience. Here are some of the points to explain the advantages and disadvantages of online classes for children.

  • Learning Styles: Every student can learn, but they only learn differently. Some thrive within the classroom, while others have trouble listening in school and learn independently. Some learn by the book, and others learn by watching videos, and some others need a blend of these both. Online learning is convenient, and each one of them has different learning styles. Another advantage that would help them is, you might not yet have found the right learning environment for your child. Online learning allows for potentially life-changing experimentation.
  • Comfortable learning: Like the above given advantage of online classes, the learning atmosphere at home makes a difference. Others might prefer the excitement of a classroom or the calm of the library next to their house. WiFi is accessible anywhere these days, and kids can learn and revise at their comfort at home by attending online classes.
  • Learn at their own pace: Online learning is one of the best places to learn for the little ones. Here, children have the freedom to learn and understand a concept in their own space. Also, they have their teachers and parents to help and solve their questions. Moreover, when kids find learning challenging, they can revise it as many times as they want to.
  • Procrastination: This is one of the sole disadvantages of these online classes. When kids are not in the mindset of learning, they tend to procrastinate and postpone their learning. Hence, parents can help their children come out of this and make learning fun.

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