After-School Activities Offered by International Schools in Bangkok

Education is important and making sure that your child has the best education possible is a priority at the top of every parent’s list. Many school websites will tell you that they offer the best curriculum, have the highest state-of-the-art facilities, or that their professional teachers work harder than anywhere else. If you are willing to dig deep into your research, you will truly find a gem of a school for you and your child.

Extra-Curricular Activities

One way to know that you’ve found a quality international school in Bangkok is to see what kind of activities they offer outside of their school classes. Be wary of schools that only offer after-school tutoring or a homework club.

While schoolwork is important, it is also important that children have additional time outside of school to find and explore their own interests. Some schools will offer ECAs, or extra-curricular activities, which take place after school and are usually taught by the teachers of a school or a professional from around the city.

Some possible ECAs you might see are:

  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Science experiment club
  • Second language—Chinese, Spanish, Russian, etc
  • Creative writing or storytelling

ECAs are typically broken up by age. Some schools will include ECA fees in their tuition, but others might require additional funds, especially if the teacher is a professional that has been brought in.

Sports Clubs and Events

Sports that you will see in ECA classes are non-competitive and usually are meant to teach someone that has not yet practiced the sport. If you have a child that has played football for years, however, they may be bored in their ECA, as they will be surrounded by beginners. If this is the case, check to see that the school offers a club or team for your child to join.

These usually require a sign-up fee or deposit, as the teams will be competitive. There will likely be a uniform purchase, and your child may even leave campus at times to compete against a neighbouring school. If you decide to sign your child up for a club or team, do expect that they will likely need to try out for the team and that the coach will be selective about players. This option is for children that already have a vested interest and knowledge of the sport.

The more that is offered after school and on weekends, the more rounded your child’s education will be. Exploring interest beyond academics will help kids build skills that will last a lifetime.