3 Tips For Putting A Man Cave In Your Home

Everyone wants a space where they can feel completely comfortable and spend time doing whatever they want. For many men, this space comes in the form of a man cave in their home. However, creating a man cave isn’t as easy as just clearing some space in your house. To really have a functional and useful space, you’ve got to put some thought and effort into your space.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for putting a man cave in your home. 

Know Your Needs For Electrical And Plumbing

Before you can start with the details of the space, like creating an area for all of your hunting gear and apparel or installing a pool table, you’ll first need to get the foundational aspects of the space ready. This means figuring out what your needs for electrical and plumbing will be. 

According to T. Lacoma, a contributor to the Family Handyman, having a wet bar is one of the staples of a man cave. But to have this, you’ll have to have plumbing coming into the room. And if you want to have easy access to a bathroom, plumbing is a must. As for the electrical, you’ll need to think about what appliances or other pieces you’ll want to have in your space so that you can know how much power the room needs to support and how many outlets you’ll need to put in. 

Pick A Focal Point

Once you have the basics of the room situated for your man cave, the DIY Network shares that you should then try to pick one focal point of the room that you’ll center the rest of the design of the space around. 

For some, the focal point might be the technology of the space, a certain work of art, or something else that takes up a lot of space or will be the main item used in the space. With this thing chosen, you may then find that it’s much easier for you to design and decorate the rest of the space around this one anchor piece. 

Play With Textures And Colors

As for the decor that you use to finish off the look of your man cave, Homedit.com recommends that you play around with a lot of different textures and colors in your space. Some of the most masculine textures you may want to include are wood, stone, steel, and other outdoor-based textures. 

Just because you’re creating a man cave doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be effectively and thoughtfully designed. So to help you in doing this, here are three tips for putting a man cave into your home.